• A
    The following tables show the rates of withholding tax deducted from income, with countries that have signed a double taxation treaty with...
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  • S
    ummary of Cyprus Taxation
    Companies whose management and control is exercised in Cyprus are considered Cyprus resident companies and are taxed on their World Wide Income...
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  • I
    mmovable Property Tax
    Immovable property tax is imposed on the market value of immovable property as at 1 January 1980 and is calculated on the...
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  • C
    apital Gains Tax
    Capital gains tax (CGT) is imposed at the rate of 20% on gains from the disposal of immovable property situated in Cyprus...
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  • A
    dvantages of Registering for VAT in Cyprus
    Apart from Cyprus enacting legislation which enables Cyprus companies to act as very effective Holding Companies, Cyprus can also act as an...
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  • V
    alue added tax
    Imposition of tax VAT is imposed on the provision of goods and services in Cyprus, as well as, on the acquisition of...
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  • D
    ouble tax treaties
    Cyprus has signed over 30 treaties (see table) which provide for the beneficial treatment of withholding tax compared to non-treaty countries. Further...
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  • W
    ithholding tax and Defence tax
    There is no withholding tax on the payments remitted abroad by Resident Companies, with foreign participation, for dividends, interest and royalty rights. Further there...
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  • T
     1.Non-resident individuals or companiesare tax-exempt except for income generated in Cyprus such as income from employment, rent, interest royalties, or from a...
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