Employment permits for NON-EU personnel in Cyprus

Employment permits for NON-EU personnel in Cyprus

1. Every company wishing to employ expatriates in Cyprus of non EU origin must:

-operate continuously from their fully staffed, fully fledged and self contained offices which must operate during normal working hours and separate from any private residence

-display their name outside its business premises

-have transparent ownership and

-be financially sound


2. First permits

Expatriate personnel are divided into executive staff and non-executive staff.

Executive staff
Executive staff must be:

- directors of offshore companies or managers of offshore companies operating in Cyprus for 2 years

- at least 24 years old

- have suitable qualifications

- receive appropriate remuneration which at present means CP24000 per year plus

Non-executive staff

First permits of non-executive staff must initially be made to the Labour Department  who will ensure that vacancies cannot be met by Cypriot and EU             personnel and     if the Labour Department is satisfied they will grant their recommendation which is submitted with the same documents and fees as in the case of executive staff. A  permit will usually not be granted to non-executive staff until one executive staff has been employed.

First permits are usually for 1 year.

It is advisable to use the services of a professional in securing and extending TRE permits thus  reducing inconvenience to a minimum.

The above notes are general in nature and their intention is to provide readers  with an outline of the regulations.  Readers are advised to contact us should they wish to take any action. 

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