Registration Procedure and documents required

The notes that follow are general in nature and their intention is to provide readers with an outline of the regulations. Readers are advised to contact us should they wish to take any action.

Off-the-shelf companies may be purchased and are available immediately. Otherwise a client can incorporate a company within 6 working days from a selection of pre approved names.

The procedure for quickest registration time is as follows:

  1.     Accept a name from list of approved names or provide two names of your choice  which adds 5 days to the incorporation time for the approval of the name.
  2.     Provide very clear copies of passports of directors, shareholders and bank signatories together with details of residential address abroad and percentage shareholding
  3.     Provide copy of a utility bill or other bill (such as credit card) confirming the residential address as given in 2 above (If address is not in English should be hand written in English)
  4.     Produce bank reference from a recognised bank for all Bank signatories, directors, shareholders. Bank references should be:
    •     on the banks letterheading
    •     signed by bank official and stamped giving officials name and position
    •      of current date i.e. not more than three months old
    •      their bank address and fax should be clearly legible
    •     A specimen/bank reference is enclosed (for details see article: Specimen Bank Reference)

The Bank references can be produced later when the bank account is to be opened if not available immediately

  1.     Description of companies main activities (please complete):
  2.     Will you use nominee shareholders YES/NO
  3.     Will you use Avery Nominees as directorYES/NO
  4.     Any other comments(please complete):


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